Our inspiration is 100% born on the beach.  We’ve never met an island we didn’t love :). Couple that vibe with our desire to capture comfort, durability, and quality workmanship that can take a beating on the mat, and you’ve you got yourself an ONDA kimono.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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Tips for taking care of your Onda Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi/Kimono:


Our garments are made of natural fibers which naturally respond to heat and moisture. The amount of time a Gi lasts is largely depended on the care you provide. 


1) Never wash your Gi in hot water, most of our models are made of 100% cotton, which shrinks 

when heat is applied. Each weave and model will have a different response to unsavory care.

Hot water can also deform the rubber in the Lapel.


2) The same principles of washing apply to drying when it comes to heat. We recommend air 

drying either by hanging the gi inside or outside in the sunlight. Although the sun may fade your Gi over time it is useful for also killing bacteria. Although we can’t wholeheartedly endorse this 

practice, if and when you decide you want to shrink your gi keep in mind there are many 

variables that can determine the amount the Gi shrinks (Weave, material composition, 

temperature, and duration which the heat is applied). This must be done at the consumers’ risk. 

Also the wear and tear a dryer will put on the garment should be saved for the mats. 


3) Wash your Gi immediately after you are done training. You do not want the blood, sweat, and 

tears drying into the fabric. We recommend this not only for hygiene purposes, but letting a 

used gi sit unwashed will reduce life span significantly.


4) Never use bleach. Bleach not only fades the artwork but also eats away at the fabric which over time will become brittle and tear. We recommend a cold wash using your choice of detergent, and NO fabric softener.


5) Baking soda and vinegar are sometimes useful for removing unwanted odors


6) STILL STINKY? Try some of our SportsSuds.



Printable sizing and care sheet

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