When we decided to build our own jiu jitsu brand, we were very clear about a few things: quality, customer experience, and especially the "vibe."   What was less than easy was deciding on a name - kind of important. 

Before we had a child, we had lots of windsheild time together on the way to the gym to plan, dream, envision, and talk through all of these considerations and more.  We kept leaning into the "vibe" of the brand: we knew we wanted every design to be inspired by a beach or similarly beautiful place in the world; we feel deeply rooted in the "flow with the go" mentality of the sport in general... Lots of ideas were thrown around but I couldn't tell you a single one of them - when ONDA popped up, we knew it was the one.

Why ONDA?  Onda is portguese for "wave" an incorporates all of what we hoped to capture: the flow, the fluidity, the strength, and of course- the beach, sand and surf!

We hope to share the stories of some of the world's most beautiful places with you while offering gear that helps you write your own stories on the mat and beyond.

Written by Jessy Printz