The Best One of Them All...



The ONDA story is rooted in your story:
Your first roll, your next big competition, a sweaty Sunday open mat in the middle of the summer with the doors flung open, the last time you walk through the door as a blue belt.  

We often say that creating ONDA is much like writing a song.  We capture a moment in time, a feeling, a blip of inspiration, incorporate that into our jiu jitsu journey and express it in the form of our gear.  


The most incredible experience, however, is seeing all of that reflected back to us in your journey!  We love being a part of your victory as you stand proud on the podium.  We are proud to have your back as you drill that arm bar for the thousandth time.  We love flowing with your go and are forever grateful to share in your jiu jitsu experience, which teaches us all so much more than just jiu jitsu.  


Keep the pictures coming!

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