The Islamorada


Have you been to the Florida keys?  The drive from Miami to Key West is what dreams are made of and has been featured in countless movies, commercials, magazines - you name it.  There are over 100 miles of blue water on both sides of the road as you hop from island to island along this archipelago making your way south.  Make sure you haven’t dozed off when you get to mile marker number 88 as you enter Islamorada; the fishing, boating and the white sand beaches make this place a highly desirable tourist destination.  As you head further south, off to the left you will see sandbars on the Atlantic side full of boats happily perched in  waist deep, crystal blue waters.

Functionally, this one's a bit unique with its bamboo/cotton blend.  This is a great training gi and may be one of the most comfortable gis you will ever wear.  It's incredibly soft but still also durable for daily use.  We have more than one of these in our training rotation as it just feels that good!

 Bamboo weaves offer some ideal features for jiu jitsu practitioners: natural antimicrobial properties, excellent wicking and absorbency, and the ability to keep you cooler for that “one more roll.” Designed for a long comfortable mat life, while still incorporating the desirable characteristics of a competition gi