Jökulsárlón The Diamond Beach


Normally when you think of a beach, you picture palm trees, white sand… but that’s not always the case.  We switched it up for a slightly different variety for this design, inspired by a beach in Iceland.  Jökulsárlón is also called “Diamond Beach” due to the striking, large glacier pieces resembling  those precious stones.  It has also served as a backdrop for many Hollywood movies and TV shows.  This unique beach is constantly changing as the glaciers move and melt and shift; each visit to this exotic location will be different than the last.  It’s sleek color scheme is a nod to the icy blues and grays of it’s namesake. 

Pressure makes diamonds!

Functionally, this gi is one of our more substantial/thicker weaves yet still manages to escape that unsavory heavy, constricting feeling. Solid, shines bright.

Standard ONDA quality components

  • ONDA Signature Rip Stop pants with pearl weave seat for durability and freedom of movement
  • Triple reinforced, contrast stitching on the lapel
  • A lapel that is comfortable but firm