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An FDA registered product, DOCTOR HOY'S Pain Relief Gel is a non-oily natural pain relief gel that contains high quality ingredients and comes in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 64 oz. sizes. The ingredients have a synergistic effect unlike anything on the market today. The Gel is a water-based product, which contains no oil or petroleum. This characteristic is very important for many reasons, one of which being that there won't be a messy or greasy residue after using the product and it won't stain your clothing or leave a lingering odor.

DOCTOR HOY'S Pain Relief Gel offers fast and effective pain and muscle relief because the product is water based and is easily absorbed into the tissue where applied, resulting in a faster acting, more effective product. It aids in the relaxation of muscles prior to and after physical activity.

DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel

SKU: DrHoys
  • Because menthol leads to an increase in blood circulation and oxygen flow, applying the product can be very beneficial in many situations. For example, when muscles contract, the cells within the muscle use more oxygen and produce more waste products. An increase in blood circulation aided by DOCTOR HOY'S will allow the muscles to get the needed oxygen and also assist in removing the increase in waste produced by the muscles.

    Critical to the tremendous success of DOCTOR HOY'S is our timed-release menthol delivery system, which helps deliver extended pain relief. The timed-release menthol system consists of small microscopic capsules of menthol that are absorbed into the tissue. Once absorbed, these capsules release pain-soothing menthol over an extended period of time offering longer pain relief.

    DOCTOR HOY's is pH matched to our skin. Healthy skin has a mean pH level of 5.5, and the desirable pH range for skin care products is between 4 and 7. Products that fall outside of this range can dry or irritate the skin. We have worked to create a product that has a pH level very close to the mean pH level of 5.5, containing skin moisturizers and softeners such as Fucogel, Glycerin and Vitamin E. These ingredients help the skin retain moisture and leave the skin soft. In addition, we use Zanthoxylum Alatum (Szechwan Pepper), which helps protect the skin from irritation and drying out.

    We don't test our product on animals nor do we use any type of animal oil in our product.