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"When we are not on the mats we exist either physically or mentally on a coast of somewhere beautiful."
"Our goal is to tell our story and provide a product that is unique and of the highest quality."

Onda is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear and Kimono company that was founded by Jessy and Matty Printz in 2012. They are husband and wife, self-described serial entrepreneurs who both love the beach and draw inspiration from it.  From strong influence from our beloved instructor Tony Passos, the name Onda was born on the mats thru many conversations about life, Jiu Jitsu and also our own self-discovery. Jessy was

born in Hawaii and her earliest memories are there, watching her mom surf with the locals on the North Shore.  Together, they have made it their goal to visit as many beautiful beaches as possible and soak in the sun and the sound of the waves. 

What does ONDA mean?

In the most literal translation, Onda is Portuguese for “wave.”  Our motto, “you cannot stop the wave but you can learn to surf,” is an extension of the flow with the go mentality to which many jiu jitsu practitioners subscribe.  The tide goes in and the tide goes out, everything in balance.  Instead of fighting the current, move through it with grace.  Live life in the moment.




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