Mount Yasur


Inspired by a small island with an active volcano, deep in the south pacific in the country of Vanuatu.  Some visitors call this place captivating, others call it terrifying.  Activity levels vary between calm and quite dangerous, but when it’s hot - it’s HOT… sound a little bit like your jiu jitsu game?? 

Abstract, geometric art adorns this bold design, telling the story of the power of a volcano both inside and out.  The energy from a volcano is not unlike the energy from the ocean; when it’s rolling, there’s nothing you can do to stop it.  

Functionally, this is a lightweight but sturdy gi, breathable, but not prone to over-stretching.

Standard ONDA quality components

  • ONDA Signature Rip Stop pants with pearl weave seat for durability and freedom of movement
  • Triple reinforced, contrast stitching on the lapel
  • A lapel that is comfortable but firm