The Key West


Mile zero! The southernmost point in the continental US and just 90 miles to Cuba.  We are so excited to design a gi that pays homage to one of our favorite places.  Be as you are here, just don’t touch the chickens that roam the island or the 6 toed cats that are descendants of Ernest Hemmingway’s cats from many years ago.  The clock doesn’t pay anyone any mind here, and everyday is Saturday night.  The quirky, captivating little island is littered with bars and restaurants and welcomes all who visit.  Our favorite part: you can rent a bike for a leisurely cruise around the whole island any time of year in just shorts and a t-shirt.

Functionally, this is a competitor's gi.  Another one of our lightweight winners, this gi is incredibly durable and rugged enough for any training environment without compromising comfort and wearability.