Alligator Reef


The inspiration for this design is a remarkable lighthouse and gathering spot 5 miles off the coast of Marathon Key in the Floriday Keys. This location gets its name from a Navy ship which ran aground and sunk in 1822 the general vicinity where the lighthouse now sits.  The waters in this area are just as beautiful as they are dangerous which host many depth changes and coral reefs.  To make it to this location safely one must be familiar and skilled in boating.  The bluest water of all of the Florida keys can also be found right around this lighthouse, full of beautiful marine life, including the yellow jacks featured on shoulders of the jacket and hundreds of queen Conchs roaming the sea bottom which inspired the print in the inside of the gi. 

This is quickly becoming a fan favorite.  This light weight pearl weave fits the bill for both looks and comfort.  If you are looking for complements in the gym you will be sure to get them when wearing the Alligator Reef.